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CPV Campaign Calculator Help

This calculator is designed to allow you to try various "what-if" scenarios in your CPV campaigns.

Many times at the start of a campaign you're running at a loss. Due to the numerous variables that affect your profitablity, it's not always obvious as to what small changes might turn the campaign into a winner. This calculator allows you to enter your existing data in the orange boxes and then use the slider to tweak the different variables and see how it affects your profit.

For example, does increasing your LP CTR by a .05 or 1% turn the campaign into a winner? Often times small bumps to a LP's CTR aren't too difficult to do. It might simply be switching targets or adding some geo targeting or better calls to action.

Another example: try increasing your payout and see how it affects your bottom line. If it helps, contact your affiliate manager. Getting a payout bump is often as easy as asking simply asking for one.

CVR (offer conversion rates) are another thing to look at. Conversion rates for the same offer can vary quite a bit from network to network. If you can tweak this rate and get profitable, try finding the same offer on another network and test it. You might just start making money.